Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updates...and non updates...

have no news on what is happening with Kenson's orphanage but have personally fielded many offers of help from people within PAP. How useful those offers will be isn't up to me to decide. We have not heard if they walked or not. A child's advocacy group was suggesting at noon today that even though the US government is saying to go to the Embassy, that people really shouldn't. It's a mess.

I also just heard from a contact who has good contact with the orphanage that this morning's aftershock/minor earthquake has made Conleigh's orphanage unliveable. So they are back out to the yard or maybe another building in town. Don't know the specifics just it sounded like it sustained further damage. No one was hurt but they may need to make some type of plans for shelter. The bad part of leaving the orphanage is that the orphanage has its own well so inside the orphanage they have a constant supply of water.

Please continue to pray for these situations and all the people in Haiti. People are being pulled out alive. Ministries, aid workers, our military, the military of other countries, Haitians...there are lots of people working non stop to help others. Pray for physical and emotional strength as well as wideom and for God to help protect their minds as they have seen massive trauma.

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