Friday, July 10, 2009

House to Be Moved

One of the things D and I considered in our desire to relocate was the possibility of moving a house. As in picking up the whole house and moving it. The town we are relocating to has a much higher price point on the kind of house we're looking for and so we thought that perhaps moving a house onto a lot would allow us to find a house that suited our needs/desires, while helping to keep the cost down.

Well, we did find a house that needed to be moved. A house that really had some great features. It is a 1 1/2 story farmhouse located in Goehner, Nebraska. Downstairs has a living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and a huge updated kitchen. 2 more bedrooms are located upstairs. It has thick oak trim carved with a flower design and some of the downstairs windows are lace patterned glass. It has been tastefully decorated and also has a newer roof. The house has been lived in and is currently occuppied but the family that lives in it now is building a new home right next to the existing house and needs to get rid of the old house. Tearing it down seems like a waste because it is in good condition. That said, it does need a front porch. As you can see in the photos, it doesn't have one and I'm sure at some point, it did. The side of the house with the peaks was originally the front but has been turned into the side of the house. It would have much more curb appeal if it were converted back to the way it used to be. It also has some small rooms attached to the kitchen that were added on in later years and would probably be torn off prior to moving. That means you would have to reconstruct the back wall of the house but in some ways that would be good because then you could add an attached garage or more living space.

Okay so why am I telling you all of this? Well, the people who own this house are planning to have their new house built by November or December. This old house has to go but so far, they have had no takers. They are at the point where they are possibly willing to give the house away. You heard right: a FREE house. FREE! It's not trashed, it's in move in condition other than the possible rebuilding of the back wall. So I thought I'd try to help them out a bit. Maybe somebody who reads this is interested. Or knows somebody. Anyway, that's my blog's stint into the "advertising world."


deedee said...

I Have four children and my goal is to give them a place to call home its been hard cause i am not financially stable i see this as a great opportunity if i can buy a lot to place this is house on how much are they asking

deedee said...

Hi I am a mother of four and I have always wanted to give them a place to call home. However I am not financially stable I think this will be a great opportunity for me if i can come up with money to buy land to put this home on. How much are they asking for this beautiful home?