Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crazy Long Short Week

The last week has seemed like it has taken a month to go by. But then it also seems like it has just raced away. I don't know. Just a crazy out of sorts week.

Last weekend, D and I attend a Coaches Marriage Enrichment Weekend put on by the Nebraska Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We were gone Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and until noon on Sunday. My mom came and stayed with Kenson all by herself the whole time. I was a little worried about leaving, especially since Kenson has not been doing well at separating from us during Sunday school at church. He did great! A few sad eyes and tears when we left but no tears any other time. He was happy to see us again and we had no major behavior problems when we got back that might indicate he was/had been anxious about our being gone. D and I stayed in a luxury hotel, had all of our meals paid for, got to listen to speakers and do worship without being interupted by a toddler, and enjoyed adult conversation.

Monday we had a house inspection for a house we have been thinking about buying. It was such an interesting event I won't share the details right now. We're still processing what it all means. We also showed our house to a prospective buyer on Monday.

I helped in the nursery doing child care Monday through Thursday while our church had Vacation Bible School. It was a good reminder that child care/nursery duty is not my giftedness. I will serve if that is what is needed but man, am I out of my comfort zone in doing so.

Kenson was sick Monday-Tuesday with a fairly high fever but no other symptoms.

Friday was my cousin's wedding in Omaha so we spent the evening there and got back late. We did get to see a good portion of my family and visit/play with them.

This weekend is Cornhusker State Games, an Olympic style gaming event with contests in everything from volleyball to racewalking to horsehoes. Of course, there is soccer. D's boys have a team so we went today to watch them play 2 games. D isn't coaching so we had no responsibilities; we just got to sit and watch. Tomorrow, they play at 9 but I think just D is going to make the trip to Lincoln.

I think next week is going to feel much the same. We have several things during the week and are possibly going to visit D's grandma sometime during the week as well.

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