Friday, July 25, 2008

Project Porch

Well, we're finished with our back porch. The room that isn't really fit to be called a room. We've got some really wavy walls and had to be creative in our use of trim pieces to correct some things but we're done painting and insulating and trimming. (Aside from a few pieces of trim that we need to buy yet and a few small painting touch ups.)

I also realized I really do fear white walls. As I was trying to decide on what to paint the walls and ceiling, I thought for a moment I might end up with three white walls which almost made me panic. But nevertheless, no white. I've got an off white wall but that's it.

Best part of the project: using free paint because it was all left overs from other projects and watching my husband work on this project just because he knew it would make me happy




Kathy said...


Miss Alissa said...

Wow, that looks awesome guys!

Pihl Pastures said...

what an incredible transformation! fantastic job!

Dawn S. said...

looks awesome