Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's gone. All the contents of D's mom's house have now been auctioned off or claimed by family and friends. We just got back from her house and the auction. As many of you know, D's mom passed away after a 5 month cancer diagnosis. This diagnosis took so many things from her and from us but in many ways gave a lot to us too. D's mom came to know the Lord only a few years ago and this was the first real test of her faith. She clung to the promise of heaven and of God's presence in her illness with little complaining and no bitterness even though she was in constant pain.

The auction is just one more thing to cross off the list, one more affirmation that life is going on with out her. It's bittersweet to watch memories go out the door with a stranger, to try to determine what to hang onto and what to let go. It's bittersweet to realize how proud D's mom was of her things but to recognize that those things pale in comparison to the goodies God has gifted her with in heaven. It's bittersweet to miss someone terribly, with parts of your heart you didn't even know existed but to be so thankful for the way that person has been restored and redeemed FOREVER.

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Dawn S. said...

Eloquently written. So sorry you have lost her, but so grateful that she knew the Lord.