Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adoption Update

We have been out of the Haitian courts for a while now and have been waiting to get into the first office that leads to Kenson getting a Haitian passport so he can come home. While we were in Haiti, we were told that our paperwork had been submitted to this office (called MOI). So (in simple terms) it looks as if Kensons' passport has been applied for. (If you are reading this to learn more about Haitian adoption, don't take that as the gospel truth. It's really just a simplified version of what goes on in the last stages of an adoption with MOI and passport printing.) We also filled out the paperwork with the US Immigration office which begins the process of applying for a visa for Kenson so he can enter the US. This will allow the visa process and the passport process to be done simultaneously. (Although we can't get a visa until the passport is printed. But the rest of the visa process can be happening.)

As far as Conleigh goes, I'm not sure where we are with that. I know they have looked at our file and asked us to bring an additional paper when we traveled to Haiti. The first steps of beginning the adoption process means that the Haitian processor of your adoption looks over your file and then submits it to first legalization. But I know one of the workers who works on adoptions was out of the country for a week or so plus we have not yet made our payment to the orphanage yet due to us being gone and having trouble getting directions on how to send our payment. But hopefully we can maybe get it sent tomorrow if we can get the directions figured out. Anyway, we are waiting to hear that we have been submitted for and have received first legalization.

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