Monday, July 7, 2008

God and Me 5

I am a bit of a control freak at times which becomes evident in lots of little things in my life. I usually avoid things that make me feel out of control. Like crazy games that involve blindfolded people spinning on bats and then using said bats to try to smash a watermelon. (Just played such game on the 4th with a few friends.) Or letting the mail pile up for more than a day. Or trying to share the computer with my husband and letting him run the mouse rather than me.

This being said, I am also a creature of routines. Routines make me feel grounded and give me purpose. When my routine is abnormal, I don't do well with getting in my quiet times, prayer time, or journal writing. I know I should do it. In fact, on days where the events of the day have been scattered around, I will even think to myself that I need to sit down and be with God. But I don't do it. These last three weeks have been like that for me. We've been gone more than we've been home due to trips to Haiti and both sides of our families. I also finished the book I was reading for my quiet times so that means I don't have something always ready, that I have to do some thinking about what I will do during my quiet times. All of these problems (lack of schedule and lack of material) are all easily remedied. I just choose not too. So I'm going to try better this week.

I've got a plan. My Bible needs cleaned out and I need to go through all my old sermon notes to see if there is anything I want to keep. I also have been meaning to "mark up" the new Bible I got last winter. I'm a note taker by nature and my Bible is no exception. My old Bible is multi colored and covered in words because of this. My new Bible? Not so much. In fact, I rarely use it except for church because it doesn't feel comfortable. So, that's the second part of my goal. To read some of my favorite books and start writing as I read. And to reveal how truly anal I can be, I will probably be color coding it. Blue for character traits of God. Pink for His promises. Green for His commands. I get more out of it when I read it that way. So now you've seen the part of my personality that needs to control and organize.

If only I carried that into my housekeeping!

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A Momma in Waiting... said...

Time is always something I seem to be short of when it comes to my quiet time with the Lord. Especially if I don't get up before Evan. I really do feel "off" when I don't have that time.

And Wow, you sound pretty organized to me. Terry