Thursday, April 5, 2012

Success...Sort Of

Oh how I would love to post the China adoption timeline and say we have crossed something off of the list.  But silly me!  I lumped all dossier preparation together and my rigid self won't let me change the steps to divide up the dossier preparation into steps like complete homestudy, file I800A form, receive I800A approval, authenticate documents, etc..

Anyway, China is a Hague compliant country so you have to file I800A immigration paperwork.  And you must have your homestudy before you can send your I800A application in.  And then you must wait for your application to be received to get a fingerprint appointment.  And then attend the appointment and wait for your application to be approved.  And then send that approval with your dossier.

Essentially, our dossier has been ready to go for probably 6 weeks now but we are stuck waiting on immigration.  We recieved our fingerprint appointment date last week but it was not scheduled until April 17.  So today, since D had no school, we went to Omaha, hoping we could just walk in to USCIS and get our fingerprints done.  I was a little worried because some locations accept walk ins and some don't.  Anyway, we had no trouble walking in.  In fact, we were in and out in maybe 20 minutes.  So now we are just left waiting for USCIS to approve our application and then we can finally get the last of our dossier finished so we can send it to China.   The China coordinator for our agency is actually in China until April 17 so I am pretty sure we will not get our dossier sent to China any sooner than that.  (And that all hinges on getting our USCIS approval.  It could take much longer.)

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