Friday, April 20, 2012

Zeke Sightings

The Chinese adoption process is different from the Haitian one in many ways.  One of those differences has to do with updates.  In Haiti, it is up to the orphanage how they handle updates.  Kenson's orphanage sent out updates with photos once a month.  Conleigh's orphanage did not do regular update but we often got pictures from families and volunteers who were traveling to Haiti.  In China, regular updates of any type are not possible. We asked for new photos and an update to Zeke's file in December when we sent in our letter of intent to adopt him.  Based on my understanding of how the Chinese authorities work, a file is considered current if the information is less than 6 months old.  Since we just got information in December, our file is current so getting a new photo of more information via the orphanage is probably not realistic.  But there are several companies that work independent of the Chinese government to provide updates and deliver packages from adoptive families to their children.  We ordered  a package this week via China Adoption Help and requested a new photo of Zeke, a gift for Zeke's foster family like tea, and a photo album which will hold photos of our family so Zeke can hopefully become familiar with our faces.  In this case, the orphanage supplies the photo and we did receive 3 photos back although two of them were old photos from back in December.  The other one may have been new; I'm not sure.  Regardless, it is one we have not seen before so we'll be happy with that.  I think we may also get a photo of our gifts being delivered to him and his foster family.  Anyway, here's the new one.
He of course has something in his hand; gotta make sure his new family knows he can use his fingers.  I am also curious about the plaid fabric.  It is on both arms but it looks like it has been modified to keep his right arm/wrist warm.  So since I'm a bleeding heart, I think I'm going with the idea that someone is concerned about him enough to make sure his special arm is warm.  I'm also puzzled by the layers.  He is in Guizhou Province which is in southern China, almost to Vietnam.  I really thought it was pretty temperate.  After looking a bit more online, it does look like it can get down into the 40's in January.  I suppose it's like Haiti where if it gets down into the 70's people start looking for their sweatshirts.


Kelly said...

He is so beautiful!!

Lillie Family said...

We adopted our DD from China and these are arm warmers! They are all over, all the kids wear them. They look kind of crazy...I thought they were leg warmers at first. Of course, they wear them over a hundred layers so they need to be big.

Anyway, the arm warmers are all will love them by the time you come home!!