Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where Are You?

Kenson has recently started using this phrase. Except it sounds more like "wuh are you?" And it is always followed by a noun. Whatever it is he is wanting at that moment. Looking for his drink? "Wuh are you, dwink?" Looking for his Little People toys? "Wuh are you, peeeple?" Looking for his shoes? "Wuh are you, thoos?" If only life were that easy. Just say the name of what you wanted or needed and it magically appeared. (Okay, maybe I wouldn't really want that. Flashbacks of the King Midas story have suddenly started within my head.)


Michelle said...

That is really sweet! I am so happy that we can meet Kenson soon!

Jen said...

That is adorable! And yay for complete sentences.

Juli said...

too cute!

Samuel says, "I found you..." drink, car, etc.