Friday, June 19, 2009

Pool Time

June in Nebraska usually means pooltime. But we've yet to actually get to our community pool. We went swimming at the hotel pool on our trip to Boise as well as in the pool at Uncle Daniel's apartment complex. We did finally get our small pool inflated and Kenson finally got to get in and splash. (It has rained here for like 3 weeks straight so we've been having to postpone our pool fun.)

Fun thoughts from a 2 year old brain on pools

Apparently motor vehicles like water too. Once we got the pool inflated, Kenson told me, "Wimmin'! Cars, wimmin'!" (And then every single toy in our house went swimming too.)

At seeing Mama in the bathtub, after waking up with the expectation of getting to go in our pool, he pointed at the bathtub and told me "Tame, Mama, pool" which loosely translated is "The pool and the bathtub are the same. They both hold water and you can go in them."

First words upon entering the pool? "No potty pool!" I'm hoping he can really keep that promise.


Salzwedel Family said...

Ha ha...what a sweetheart.

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