Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of D with Kenson. My friend, Cate, took it on our first trip to Haiti, right after we got off of the truck and met Kenson for the first time.
We spent today in a pretty non eventful way. Kenson made a card in Sunday school but was reluctant to actually share the chocolate out of it with Papa. He did manage to say to D, in his best 2 year old talk, "Happy Papa's Day!" D also got to talk to every person in his family today: his dad, his grandma, and his brother. A phone marathon of sorts for my husband who hates talking on the phone. I know he was glad to talk to them and I secretly think all the phone conversations made him feel really popular as they all managed to call at the same time today. We also went out to eat at Famous Dave's BBQ last week. (And somehow, D managed to talk me into going to a local Mexican restaraunt today for lunch so he really got to go out twice. Hmm...) I also managed to get our Father's Day cards actually mailed out on time which is a small miracle. (I am terrible about getting events recognized on the correct day. I often have a gift or card but rarely get it to the person on time. Eeek!) Hope you and yours had a great day!


kb said...

Love the photo. Just being together is the best gift!

Katy said...

Happy Father's Day...great photo! I have trouble with cards being mailed on time too....;)