Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Official...We are raising a boy!

I know big shocker! For some reason this week, Kenson has started pointing at himself and saying "Kenson. Boy."

But it's not just limited to those words. In all honesty, Kenson has been such a meek and mild little guy. Sure he loves anything with wheels or any type of ball. (In fact, while his vocabulary still has huge holes, he can identify what sport is played with what ball for soccer, football, and basketball. He also knows garbage truck, bicycle, school bus, race car, dump truck, train, digger, loader, car, trailer, and tractor.)

That said, he has not been rough and tumble. Until a few weeks ago.

And now it is like we are in full boy mode. He is constantly wanting to wrestle and push and play rough with us and with his friends. At church today, the junior high boys were being junior high boys and play fighting while they were waiting for adult Sunday school to dismiss. Kenson watched it so intently. And then, came over to me kicking and swinging just like the big boys. He burps at the table, laughs and then tries to force out another one. The level of noise that is starting to come out of him is getting much louder. He is constantly chattering or yelling or both. He actually went down the tornado slide at the park this week. (For a child who would not even walk on playground equipment unassisted until probably a month ago, that is a huge accomplishment.) The dump truck has been bathed in the toliet. (Baby, the rag doll, went in a few months ago.) He knows how to flex his arms and show his muscles. He has been fascinated by Papa's tools and likes to play with them or pretend tools. He decided earlier this week that if he puts his sand bucket on his head it is no longer a "bucket hat." It is a football hat. He seems to have more energy, so much so that he now finds the need to just run in circles for no real reason what so ever. He has just changed so much from the little guy who came home in January.

So we're embracing the boyhood! (Hoping we have a while before he wants to dissect dead cats, jump off of high places, and put mud in his pockets.)


Lisa said...

Kayla - we got quite the giggle out of this tonight. I can't wait - we're raising a girly-girl right now, so the boy will be interesting. I just had one older brother and two sisters, so was oblivious to most of the boy stuff he did. Jock says the mud in the pockets will come soon! He was raised with 2 brothers.

Juli said...

I can relate so much to this post! As they come out of their shells... watch out! The noise level here has increased exponentially in the last few months. Their energy seems to just keep on increasing and they have become quite the daredevils. They love to make their little brother laugh... and he laughs more boisterously for them than anyone else (read: more noise!). I'm pretty sure that Samuel ate a bunch of sand a few weeks ago... at least that's what I think was in his diapers for three days! And their language continues to grow. Just today I asked them what they want for lunch and Noah told me macaroni and cheese. I've been asking this question for a while and they get it now! Thankfully nothing has landed in the toilet yet!

Katy said...

LOL....SO funny!! =)