Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wishes Quilt

A while back, Dawn posted about a wishes quilt she had made for her child. I couldn't help but think what a wonderful idea that would be for a baby gift. And to make it even better, I actually knew some who was expecting! So I asked my friend Lisa's family and friends to each send me a square of fabric to represent their wishes for her new baby, along with a note explaining why they chose the fabric they did. I pieced it and then asked my cousin, Alissa, to quilt it for us. I think it turned out darling. The backing fabric is the same polka dotted border fabric and to be honest, I'm totally in love with that fabric. So cute and special! Thanks Alissa for the quilting and thanks Dawn for a great idea!


Katy said...

Very neat idea!!

Miss Alissa said...

It was lots of fun to do, thanks for letting me be a part of it;)

Jen said...

That is a really great idea, and it looks beautiful. What a lucky baby.