Friday, October 3, 2008

God and Me 15-Rightness

Being right isn't all it's cracked up to be. I know because I spent part of this week being right. So right in fact that it was driving me crazy that the person who was wrong didn't know how wrong they really were. And the worst part of all of it was that the wrong person probably didn't even understand my viewpoint nor did they really want to understand where I was coming from!

I wrestled a bit with God on it. I really wanted go to the individual and explain myself, to lay out my arguement in a rational format. After all, I was in the right. I wanted to tell the individual how not only was their arguement flawed but that they weren't being nice by turning a deaf ear to my words. I wanted to convict them, to change their heart and their mind because I loved them. I wanted to help them see not just my point of view but what I thought represented God's point of view.

In my usual analytical ways, I talked in circles with God for a good 45 minutes. And what I received was the news that it really doesn't matter if I'm right. Nor is it up to me to change this person's heart. Let by gones be by gones. Don't use my rightness as an execuse to be overzealous. Put the love that is motivating me to better use in ways that feel more loving. Let the Holy Spirit convict those who need convicting. And be satisfied if God doesn't think they need convicting.

So I still think I'm right but I'm not doing anything about it. Because God is big enough to deal with my "rightness" and others' "wrongness."

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