Sunday, September 20, 2015

From Son up to Son Down

"Mamas of little boys work from son up to son down."

Perhaps true of all children, not just of boys, but Kai has us on the move.

A sample of our words from Saturday and Sunday...

"Get off the gate."  Said as he had climbed up on the wooden garden gate and was almost all the way over, to the other side.

"Don't hang on the drawers."  Said as he pulled out the kitchen cupboard drawer and was pulling himself up, with the drawer extended, literally hanging off the end.

"Get down from the fence."  Said as he was about four links up on the chain link fence, getting ready to do his Spiderman moves across it.

"Don't stand on the swing."  Said as he stood on the glider on the swing set, feet up on where you should rest your hands, hands up on the chain that suspend the glider from the top bar.

"You can't ride your bike down the stairs."  Said as he attempted to scoot his little bike down the two front steps.

"You can't bring your bike up the stairs by yourself."  Said as he tried to drag his bike up the stairs on the back porch, all ten of them.

"How did you get outside?  And stop riding your bike on the back deck."  Said as he tried to ride his bike on the small grill deck we have just above those ten back stairs.

"No climbing over the couch."  Said as he flopped one leg over the top edge of the sofa and jmped down.

"No jumping on the equipment."  Said as he tried to jump not one, not two, but three stairs on the middle of the playground equipment, where there was much potential for disaster.  (Okay, that happened on Friday but it's still fresh in my mind.  For the record, he succeeded.)

If we manage to keep him out of the ER this year, it might be a miracle.

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