Saturday, September 12, 2015

Boys' Shared RoomWell

It's been slow going downstairs since we started/finished the basement project last winter.  The spaces that were finished with drywall have had paint and doors and trim but we still had quite a few things left to finish up.  The nailholes in the trim all need filled and painted.  The doors all need painted as well.  And the family room and the boys' room had nothing on the walls.  I have slowly been getting the boys' room finished.  As you can tell by the photos, they've already added their own pictures via blue painters tape.

Part of what I was waiting on was for D to cut me the pegboard and trim for the art behind the beds.

The art is just pegboard, 1 x 2's, and a cardboard monogram from Michael's.
The monogram is attached to the pegboard using pegboard hooks so it's a really easy install.

To finish the cardboard letter, I used different kinds of washi tape plus a few pieces of scrapbooking paper.
After trimming the excess, I modpodged over the top.

Bookshelf, lego table, and stuffed animal basket, hat is overflowing...truth in advertising here.  Asking them to get rid of a stuffed animal is like cutting off an appendage.  So no neat pile of toys for us.  Just a big overflowing heap.  You'll also notice I did not take any pictures of the closet.  There's a reason for that.

The waterfall picture is actually a Chinese batik that was given to us by the government officials of Zeke's province.  It features the Haungguosho Waterfall which is located there, which is the largest waterfall in China.

The wooden boat is Haitian made, one we bought for Kenson on one of our trips to Haiti.

And the pennants are actually paper.  I found a paper pack of pennants at Michaels, string included for less than $2.

And this my friends is an end table made completely from plastic.  I had been wanting to make a homemade Lego table but when I headed to the thrift store they only had two tables that were the two tiered variety.  One was plastic and one was wood but the wood one was much wobblier.  I figured I would take a chance on the $3 plastic one and brought it home to spray paint.  Then I added a lego base plate and it was done

Terrible picture but oh well.
My faux plantation shutters have gaps but I'm okay with that.
I really wasn't need total black out, just something to keep the light from streaming completely in.
The window is kind of weird in that it is an egress window (so I didn't want a shade that would be hard to get out of in an emergency) and it adjoins the bulkhead in the ceiling that hides the ductwork (so you can't even hang a regular curtain rod)
I found 3 old sets of shutters and separated one set so that my new shutters were 3 panels long.
D screwed them into the walls and they work perfectly.
We all need a basketball hoop in our hallway, right?

These are magnetic display boards.  I really liked the color and the pattern.

They were just the thing to display pictures of those who were in my boys' lives before us.

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