Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kai is 2!

Kai turned two a week or so ago but it was the same weekend as our local Women of Faith event which I planned to take my mom to for her Mother's Day present earlier in the year.  So we shifted our party plans and waited until Labor Day weekend.  We partied at my mom's and were able to enjoy the day with my grandma, my aunt, uncle, and cousins, including our North Carolina cousins.

Kai is all boy, constantly on the go, running, jumping, and climbing.  He usually have multiple contusions somewhere from all of his exploits.  He hates to be left out, hates being told no, and wants to do things all by himself.  "I do!"  So basically he's two.

He still doesn't say a ton of words but is slowly building his vocabulary.  He knows our neighbor's name (Bruce or Boo) which may mean our neighbor, his wife, or their truck. Over Labor Day weekend,  he learned to say kitty (key), meow (m ow!), and Mia, which is the name of Grandma's dog.   After saying Kenson was one of his first words, he now refuses to say it and thinks it's a big joke if people try to get him to say it.

He loves animals, trucks, cars, trains, and construction vehicles.  He is starting to enjoy a few shows on the tv, including Thomas the Train and the Wiggles.  He can "sing" several songs including "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Rockaby your Bear."  He also loves anything to do with water and is quick to find puddles or standing water.  He's also starting to show an interest in potty training and has gone potty on the toilet multiple times at his own insistence.

A few pics from the weekend..

Driving Grandma's riding lawn mower

Kai did not want to get off but once Kenson appeared, he was quick to slide over and share the seat.

Our Thomas cupcake cake

Making homemade ice cream with Grandma

Blowing out the candle with cousins-I was surprised he actually knew what to do!

Playing with one of our new birthday toys, a car track.


Dacia Bolton Bates said...

How can he be 2 already? I love how you tell what he is doing and his likes. This will be a great digital baby book for him some day. Thanks for sharing so we can watch your kids grow up. :-)

Kathy C. said...

What a cutie!

Sheri Wiebe said...

oh my, time flies! two already! Beautiful cake!