Sunday, September 13, 2015

Husker Heroes

This year, Zeke got invited to a local event at Memorial Stadium called Husker Heroes.  I'm not 100% sure who actually hosts it but the university hosts special needs kids and their families to an afternoon of games and fun featuring freshman athletes from the various teams.  All the kids got a bag of Husker goodies (pens, little balls, frisbee, etc.) and then got to go into the stadium via the Husker helmet that the Huskers always come in through.  The stadium was then full of all sorts of fun activities from temporary tattoos to face painting to hula hooping to musical instruments to tumbling mats and football toss games. The kids really had a good time.
This photo about sums up us...the other similar ones featured Kai picking his nose so this seemed to be the best one.

Conleigh with the cheerleaders

Conleigh and our favorite Husker, Luke Siedhoff.
However, this guy was not having kids hurdle.
He was playing tennis.


Zeke and Conleigh racing through the obstacle course

Kai and one of the freshmen wrestlers trying to figure out a hula hoop

Zeke's name in lights

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