Thursday, February 5, 2015


Conleigh tried gymnastics this fall for the first time.  She has loved it.  She is naturally muscular, likes the idea of being "on stage", and is always climbing on something outside be it a tree or the swing set bars.  She really wanted to try dance but for a number of reasons, that just didn't seem like a viable option so we suggested gymnastics as an alternative.  She attended her first meet on Saturday.  She loved that as well.  She got fifth place out of her age group and received a medal which was a big deal to her.  Mom had to take tickets following the level 1-4 sessions so Conleigh decided to stay and watch the older girls compete which meant she got to hang out with minimal supervision.  That was also a big deal to her.  Not only can the big girls do lots of cool stuff but she got to sit with friends and watch so it was even better.  Plus, Grandma came for a visit to watch too.


Miss Alissa said...

So cool!!!

Kathy C. said...

Good for her. Is she on a team or is that just how they do it at that gymnastics center?

kayder1996 said...

Kathy-she takes gymnastics through a local group, the Sokols. Sokols are actually a Czech immigrant based gym system that originally only allowed those with Czech heritage to join. Not the case anymore. She does classes one night a week and then you can always choose to do the meets but she's only going to do the one in town meet.