Friday, January 30, 2015

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch...

The two biggest kids went with D to soccer conditioning.  Apparently, as they were driving home, Conleigh remarked that she sure hoped the house hadn't exploded while they were gone.  Kenson wasn't fazed because he asserted that if that had happened, Mom probably would have called us.  About the same time as that conversation was happening, Zeke and I were playing a tweaked version of Pictionary on the patio doors using dry erase markers.  Basically, the person who was drawing picked something to draw and the other person had to guess what it was.  You laugh, but playing that game with a 4 year old requires a lot of skill in terms of guessing appropriately.  I guessed incorrectly several times.  Two of those times probably should not have counted.  The first time he drew a shark, but not just any shark, a blue shark.  I guessed great white, lemon, tiger, zebra, and goblin which were all not right.  The second instance where I'd like a redo involved Zeke drawing a Japanese spider crab.  Somehow, I failed to entertain that as even a remote possibility.

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