Saturday, February 7, 2015

Conleigh is 8

Conleigh turned 8 this week.   Her three wishes were a cookie dough ice cream cake, to eat out at Dairy Queen, and to play with a friend at a local indoor play area.   We struck out on finding cookie dough ice cream cake so she settled for a cookie dough Blizzard instead.  Since Grandma was here for the gymnastics meet over the weekend, she opened presents on Sunday.  We went out for supper to Dairy Queen the night of her birthday and ended our bedtime routine with the singing of "Happy Birthday."
Ignore the pained expression.  She really did like her blizzard treat.
Hanging with Zeke and Kenson, waiting for supper.

Super Hero Barbie from Mama, Papa, and the boys
Kenson saw this on tv at the end of January and immediately told me that was what he wanted to get Conleigh for her birthday.  Since he has no money (or at least not enough to spend $15 on a birthday gift), I told him we'd buy it and have it be from all of us.  I love that he was thinking of her, knowing that she likes Barbies and super heroes.

This gift from Grandma fits with the current theme of family member's buying D Christmas tree snacks for Christmas.

$20 from Grandma is a great gift.  $20 is a lot of money!

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