Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Zeke's 3!

If you lived in my house you would not need a post to announce this. You would know simply by the change in the little boy's behavior. Can you say bring on the tantrums and the word "no!"? The magic switch has been flipped; whoever said two was terrible obviously had not yet parented a three year old. Regardless, he's still a keeper whom we hope will eventually outgrow the terrors of being three.

We actually met part of my family at the beginning of the month to celebrate both Zeke and Kenson's birthdays.

This is Kenson's response to finding batteries in the package.

My cousin, Alissa, made these super cute superhero sets for the boys.  They each got capes, masks, and wrist cuffs.  

The grandkids with Grandma 2 (my grandma)
On Zeke's birthday, we celebrated at home with just the 5 of us.

Fish cupcakes
3 candles-he even woke up telling us he was 3 so he knows but he still prefers to tell people he's 5

The big kids got him a sock monkey so he would have one that matched theirs
In case you missed his early declarations, he wants "big shark" stuff.  He has one shark shirt that he trashed because he has worn it so much so we got him two more.  Plus my mom got him one for his birthday too so he now has three big shark shirts.  He also got a bucket of ocean animals (sharks and whales) and an ocean puzzle from us.


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midaia said...

Aww, too cute. And I love your fish cupcakes!