Friday, July 26, 2013

Almost No-Sew Project

D's grandma had this couch in her basement for years.  It was just a plain stained brown with striped cushions.  I thought it would maybe be a good piece of patio furniture so we brought it home with us when she passed away.  I painted it black and distressed it and then recovered the cushions.  I took the completely lazy way out and hardly sewed a stitch on the cushions.  I found two clearance shower curtains at Target for $13 each.  (No way you could buy that much indoor outdoor fabric at a fabric store for that price.)  They were actually the right width but not the right length to cover the foam.  So I trimmed the extra length out of the middle of the curtains, keeping both hemmed ends.  I cut about 2 inches in from one hemmed in when I cut the extra out which gave me two pieces of fabric, a large piece with the buttonholes for the shower curtain and a small strip with a hem.  Those two pieces would then be joined back together with a seam and I used bias tape to make no sew ties which I inserted into the seam.  After sewing, I wrapped the rejoined fabric around the foam, tying the ties through the button holes to secure.  I then folded the ends over like a present and used safety pins to secure the folds.  That is all on the backside of the cushions and not something anyone is going to see so I was perfect happy to not sew it but instead pin it.  I think it took maybe 30 minutes.  However, my kids were around so really a 30 minute project takes more like an hour.   (And I was dreading doing it so I got one cushion covered and then stopped.  It has taken me all summer to finish the second cushion.)  It's a cute addition to our front porch and the fabric matches the new glider I put in by the glider.

Before-halfway done with the old striped cushion

All done

New glider-can't wait until the landscaping actually comes in.  There's a purple butterfly bush and iris behind the glider and an oakleaf hydrangea on the right side.

And a few shameless garden pics...because the garden actually looks pretty good right now.  Other than some funky fungus (?) issue with my zucchini and cucumbers that I'm hoping I've got fixed.

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