Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Bump Pics and a Surprise

My friend, Ann, asked me a few days ago what we needed for the new baby.  I knew a few things off the top of my head and mentioned those but also asked if she would take a few pictures of us as a family before the baby arrived.  I wasn't wanting a thousand pictures of my pregnant belly but I did want a few of our family from this moment in time.  Anyway, we headed over to her house the other day and let her attempt the monumental task of getting all of us looking in one direction, with smiles and open eyes.  When she originally shared the photos with me, I thought she said she took 257 pictures and found 5 good ones.  And I was pretty sure that was probably accurate.  Then I reread and it said she was attaching 5 of the better ones.  But if you've ever taken photos with more than 2 children, you know that 5 out of 257 is just about right.  Anyway, here are a few of my favorites plus one with a surprise.

And the surprise...

only 4 1/2 weeks until Malachi Stillman is set to arrive. 

 For those of you wondering, yep, I'm about ready to be done.  Kai is often on my bladder, often awake when I'd like to be sleeping, and in general, I am not sleeping well.  (And no Jozy is not a name we seriously considered.  It's the name of a Haitian American soccer player.  Jozy, along with the names of several other American soccer players, were always a part of D's contribution to the naming discussion.)


Dardi said...

I love the feeling of celebration/anticipation from those pictures! I think it's awesome you captured this moment in time! :)

Hilary Marquis said...

I love the name! Those pictures are wonderful.