Monday, July 1, 2013

Conleigh and Baby Room Redo-Our Eclectic Shared Room

Conleigh's room was one project that never quite got finished after we moved in.  I had made her curtains and bed skirt before we moved and added circle decals to the walls but that was as far as I got before we headed to China to get Zeke.  Then it was a few months of adjusting to a new family.  Then our December surprise of "oh, we're having a baby!  Guess they are going in Conleigh's room."  Then a few months of waiting to see if we were having a boy or a girl which affected how we would decorate.  Finally, after months and months of being unfinished, the room is done.  I ended up not using my curtains that I made because they had a lot of pink in them.  And I probably wouldn't have used the circle decals but they were already up so I just left them.  Other than that, I think it looks like it will be a great shared space for a boy and a girl who have to share rooms.

I used most of what I already had on hand so it was pretty low cost too.  The crib, bed, and dresser got a fresh coat of paint.  The rag curtains were all from fabric I already had.  I made the embroidery hoop pictures by using fabric I already had and adding some old hymn numbers.  The butterfly picture above Conleigh's bed is one that she got for her birthday.  The ABC cross stitch was actually mine when I was little, made by my Aunt Sheree.  The mirrors and butterflies were garage sale and thrift store finds that I spray painted.  The he and she signs were made from old shutters that someone was selling on an online site.  The interiors had already been removed.  I spray painted chipboard letters to create the words.

My supply list :
1 gallon of blue paint for the bed, crib, and dresser, $25
8 knobs for the dresser, from Hobby Lobby, at 1/2 off, $16
Old hymn numbers, from Etsy, $12
Embroidery hoops and scrapbooking pins, from Joann's, $7
Wall clock, from Target, $6
Frames for pictures, from Micheal's, at 1/2 off, $40
Vintage mirrors and butterflies, thrift stores and garage sales, $6
Chipboard letters, from Hobby Lobby, $10
Old shutters, local online site, $15 for 6
Vintage lamp, local online site, $10
Crib bedding, used from Ebay, $50 for all

It might be one of my new favorite rooms in the house.

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Kelly said...

This looks great!! We too will have a she/he room in a few months and I have been racking my brain trying to figure it all out! Esp since the room isn't that big to begin with!!