Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Where is my Energy Invested?

Right now I am working at what feels like 500 bazillion projects at one time.

-Construction has started on our new house and we are kind of at the end of sorting out the specifics for it but I think I am realizing that once you get to this point, it's a lot of thinking and rethinking because you want to make sure you don't overlook anything.
-Our adoption dossier is pretty much done; we are just waiting for immigration to fingerprint us.
-D is the personal representative for his grandmother's estate and we have an offer on her house which we (the estate) have accepted but we now are waiting on inspections.
-My kids have been sick.  Not sick like laying around doing nothing sick but a couple cases of strep, some puking, and now a cough for Kenson.
-Soccer games have started so we now have 2-3 nights a week where D is gone all night.
-Our taxes from last year are still be examined by the IRS and we have now requested a tax advocate because the IRS keeps losing our documentation for the adoption tax credit.
-Taxes for 2011 will soon be due.
-It is time to start planning the MOPS ministry for next year.
-We are still waiting to have our new construction loan formally approved.  I will feel a lot better about thing if that is done.
-We need to be thinking about getting our current house back on the market and sold which means we need to do some repairs and to figure out how we are going to price this so it sells.

We just spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend at a local hotel with an indoor water park but now it's time to jump back into the fire.  Lots going on!

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