Monday, March 19, 2012

Conleigh and Nick

Conleigh is continuing to hold tightly to her future plans with Nick.  It is so hard not to chuckle when she says things like "I miss Nick today.   I even cried a little in the bathroom."  (Said with this incredibly dramatic sigh.  It should be noted that she has not seen him since Friday since we were out of town this weekend and she didn't get to see him at church on Sunday .)  She also informed me today that when she is big, she will sit in the yes driving seat in the car and Nick will sit in the no driving spot of the car because she really wants to drive.  And about a week ago, she was quizzed about her friendship with Nick and asked about where they will live.  She held fast to the plans to live in Africa but added "Nick and I decided Africa because he likes to fight alligators."  In the same conversation she also informed the group that when she and Nick have a baby, they will name it Pedro.  (No small coincidence that we were visiting friends who have a dog named Pedro.)  Of course this week, she also told me that they were going to have two kids:  a pink kid and a green kid which makes me really wonder what she thinks about racial identity and skin color but I'm sure that's a whole 'nother post.

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