Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hair Care Ebook...Hot off the Presses!

Just in case you missed it...

I've been hard at work trying to come with ways to add some income to our budget, especially as we have fees looming for Zeke's adoption.  What I decided was to create a one of a kind ebook that would help people sift through the vast amount of hair care information that was available on the Internet.

And so I created Things a Little Birdie Told Me:  A Compilation of Practical Advice for Curly Hair.

It is a 23 page ebook that features links, tricks that make hair time easier, the basic steps for braiding/detangling/establishing a hair care routine, etc..  I tried to take the best information I knew and combine it with the best tutorials online so the information would be in one place, where all you had to do was click to access the information.  The book is downloadable and printable as well.

I am teaming the ebook up with samples of my favorite hair products and handmade hair accessories to create my Curly Girlies kits.  These Curly Girlies kits would be a great way to sample products and dip your toes into the world of ethnic hair care.  Or they would make a great adoption gift for someone welcoming home a curly haired brown or black baby.  I'm always happy to customize kits so the sky is really the limit in terms of adding more hair accessories like sleep caps or headbands, making a kit for a boy, or buying a kit for an infant with infant themed products.

Both the book and the kits are available for purchase via my etsy store:  Mustard Seed Creations.

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