Thursday, September 22, 2011


Apparently, one pet is not enough for our household.  Kenson, in all of his 5 year old wisdom, has decided that we need one more.  Actually, it's more like he needs one more because the newest addition to the family is really just his and his alone.

And what might my little guy have decided upon?  

Why a rock, of course!  

Kenson picked him up at preschool and proudly introduced him to me in the van on the way home.  As he fished around in his pocket, the conversation started with "Mamma?  This is Rocco.  Rocco the rock.  He's my pet."

I knew there wasn't going to be much dissuading him from the whole pet rock idea so when he got home, I advised him that since Rocco was indeed a rock that he would need to stay outside with the other rocks.   Not wanting to lose him, Kenson decided that it would be best to give Rocco a spot of honor on the railing of the back deck., a single solitary hunk of rock sitting on the wood.  

Apparently, the trip from preschool to home wore Rocco out because later that afternoon I overheard Kenson shushing Conleigh as she headed outside to play.  "You have to be quiet," he said.  "Rocco's sleeping."

And sleep he did.  For maybe 4 whole days because I didn't really hear to much about Rocco.  Until yesterday.  Rocco must have opened his eyes because Kenson spent a good portion of the afternoon playing with Rocco.  Until Rocco went back to sleep.  Which I was aware of only because Kenson again started shushing the people who were going in and out of the backdoor, cautioning them that Rocco was asleep again.

I'm guessing Kenson was starting to get worried that someone might awaken the sleeping rock because he then asked to bring Rocco in.  I reminded him that rocks live outside so Rocco needed to stay outside.  But I thought I might stay one step ahead of the game by covering all my bases and letting Kenson know that yes, some rocks did indeed come inside but that those rocks had specific purposes which is why they got to come indoors.  So I casually said that there are some rocks that are allowed inside, like the rocks that go in an aquarium.  Alas!  All this did was provoke Kenson as he huffily replied, "Well yes, but Rocco can't go in an aquarium because he can't swim!"

No.  No son, he cannot.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that is one instance of swimming like a rock.

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