Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Play Pretend

Right now, there is nothing my two would rather do than play pretend.  It is all they do, all day long.  Trying to get them to go outside and enjoy the last few days of summer is like pulling teeth.  They would much rather be inside playing pretend.  Really, playing pretend is one of the cheapest forms of entertainment that there is.  Most of the stuff in our pretend drawer is some cast off that would have just been thrown away, like an empty cereal box or a rusty ladle or a broken wrist watch.  We do have a few thrift store/clearance rack finds like some frilly Halloween costume skirts and a football jersey.  But I bet I've spent less than $10 on all of the make believe items we have.  From pretend food to random hats to aprons and jewelry, it's always fun to see what their little brains have come up with.
Who needs a real shopping cart?  Two chairs + a really long necklace + an apple basket work just fine.

Grandma 2, Kenson, and Conleigh playing "cooker food" also known as restaurant to the rest of us.
Conleigh is taking the orders.  I'm not quite sure what Kenson is doing.  The hat, although really a hard hat, is often all sorts of different things so I'm guessing he's not really a construction worker.

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