Thursday, September 29, 2011

Check out my new Flicker photostream

As quite a few of the people who read this blog know, I occasionally channel my inner sewing goddess to make things for myself, my kids, and other people.  One of the niche items that I make for others are satin lined, fleece hats.  For curly haired folks, winter hats are nightmarish.  They breed frizziness like rabbits breed more rabbits.  And for people who have curly hair that has the texture I like to call "velcro", winter hats often mean lint that gets stuck in your hair as the interior of the hat deposits fuzzies into your hair.  So, knowing how many people have said they wished they could find a satin lined winter hat, I decided I could come up with something that would meet that need, at a reasonable price.  The thought was 1.  satin reduces the friction between the hair and the hat therefore reducing breakage of hair 2.  satin reduces friction between the hair and the hat therefore reducing the frizzies that can easily make a braided style that may have taken hours look messy  3.  satin has no fuzzies that remain in the hair after the hat is removed.  I've sold an assortment of hats through my Etsy store but have never really gotten around to creating a display of the hats I've made.  Until today when I decided the quickest and easiest way to make such a display was to put the photos on a Flicker photostream.  Since many of them are custom orders with a customer specifying colors or the overall effect of the hat, there are lots of different looks.  Go ahead and browse.  (See the photos below for a small sampling of the hats.)  And pass the info on if you know someone who is looking for such a hat.  Or head on over to my Etsy shop and contact me so you can order on for yourself or curly haired kiddo.




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Katie and Steph said...

OMG am in love with your satin lined winter hats! Could we review them at KMC? I am in California so I can't claim to need one desperately LOL but Katie lives in Michigan. I love those last white ones with the red lining! Would you consider doing a giveaway of one of them?