Thursday, August 20, 2009

Imagination Nation

I so love getting to watch Kenson play each day. His imagination has just grown by leaps and bounds since he came home. It is so interesting (and funny) to watch. So here's a few random pics and stories from the week.
Riding a cock a doodle. (We don't say chicken or rooster; it's a cock a doodle.) I don't know if he thought the fringe looked like feathers or what but it was a rooster. And then it started eating me. I'm not sure why. Maybe I looked like a cinch bug or something. (Highly possible if I haven't really gotten ready yet.)

This is Kenson and his friends watching the "toccer boys." They were apparently playing in a soccer game because Kenson kept saying things like "Dood job!" and "No, no!" (Makes me a little nervous about having such a parrot sit next to me at the soccer games. I don't think I say things that are inappropriate but I'm a little concerned that maybe what I say is less than flattering.)

Kenson often "goes" places. Usually he is going to the post office. He loves bringing me mail. Today, though, after the post office, he went to the "tore"...dressed like this:

For the record he was purchasing eggs.