Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm a Big Boy Now

On the plus side, in the last few weeks, Kenson has made some big strides in being a "big boy." There are lots of things that are still hard for him to physically do and I'm never quite sure why that is. Is it because he just hasn't had enough practice doing them? Is it because he's a bit behind in fine motor or gross motor skills? Is it because he likes being babied and wants someone to help him? Is it because he has a low tolerance for being frustrated and just gives up or gets mad? I suppose it's probably a combination of all of those things. This week, especially, his frustration level was super low with lots of temper tantrums.

But highlights this week include:

-Actually pedaling our trike down the sidewalk. He still needed help to get over the parts where grass had overgrown the cracks or where the sidewalk was uneven. But he actually had the pedaling part figured out. And he so doesn't remember to pedal and steer which means I need to help with that. And he's terrified of riding into the street so if he gets too close, he's sure to tell me about it. ("Don't do that!" or "Otay" which is his way of saying "Other way.")

-Doing the bathroom routine all by himself with no help or reminders. (Pants down, pants up, wiping, cleaning the seat, flushing, and washing hands) He has struggled for the longest time with getting his pants up. I think a lot of that is that he likes to be babied; he rarely is excited to get dressed on his own, unlike most toddlers/preschoolers.

-Is an eager beaver when it comes to helping me and now helps unload the dishwasher and puts away the salad plates, his plastic plates, and the bowls. He has done a great job of putting them in their spots and having him help me has helped turn that chore into not such a drudgery for me. He also can bring down his laundry from his bedroom, all by himself.


Amanda said...

Sounds wonderful :~) Every step is one in the right direction!

Katy said...

YAY Kenson!!