Saturday, September 10, 2016

More Birthday Bashes

We have five birthdays within the span of 40 days in our family.  We celebrated each one a bit on the day, just within our family, but we waited until Labor Day weekend to celebrate with Grandmas and such.
Kai is now 3.
Along with Paw Patrol and doing puzzles, he loves diggers and cement trucks.

Yes, there is a glint in his eyes and yes, it's normally there.

Ready to blow

And all done!

Zeke's chilling in the recliner with Grandma 2, waiting for things to begin.

Opening presents

Two boys of a similar age pondering a Nerf gun-it was a good conversation, I'm sure.

Mom and Kai selfie

My aunt and cousins love to torment my husband with their gift giving.
He's gotten a head in a box and a fake dead bird.
This year, there was some mention of a bat.
He always proceeds with caution, even if it's just a box of chocolates.

An ocean of felt for the ocean lover