Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day

This picture just about sums it all up.
Kenson is too cool.
Conleigh is posing.
Zeke has an excited smile.
And Kai...well he's being a complete ham and stealing the big kids' thunder.

As for the actual first day, Zeke had an amazing first day.  He had so much to tell me.  He saw a garter snake on the field and played soccer and basketball with Cole and Camden and some other people whose names he didn't know.  He grabbed my hand as we walked to the van and told me how he should have brought his lunch from home because they had cooked carrots for lunch.  (He hates cooked carrots.)  Then he was on to telling me that he already knew what he wanted for lunch tomorrow and that we needed to run to Walmart to get it.  When I pressed him more on this, telling him that I had things for lunch, he was quite insistent that we go to Walmart.  He couldn't tell me the name of what he wanted so I made my best guess.  "Lunchables?  Did you see lots of people eating Luncheables?"  Yep, that was it.  (I don't think I have every bought my children Luncheables but my kids constantly beg for them.  I ought to break down and buy them that as a treat when I head to the store on Thursday.)   He then proceeded to tell me how the only thing bad about the day was that it was a short day and that he wished it had been a full day instead of early dismissal.  He used his scissors and his glue and his teacher read like 10 books but he didn't remember any of them.  He was such a chatterbox.

As for his hands, that was the second thing on his list.  Lots of people asked and he chose to ignore them.  I asked him how he thought that would work since they might ask tomorrow but he changed the subject.  "Well except for this one boy.  I told him that a shark bit off my hands and he said 'really?'"

As to the big kids, they were a lot less chatty.  Surprise, surprise.  I did manage to find out what they did at recess and what they ate for lunch.

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Miss Alissa said...

Haha, love those kiddos! And a shark bit them off?! Hahaha, Oh Zeke :)

Kathy Cassel said...

Funny. A shark bit off his hand. Jasmine just completed what we hope is her last cranio facial surgery and nothing more to be done for her hand or feet.

Sheri Wiebe said...

Julie had her first day back to school and yes, she came home and talked about someone eating "lunchables" too....and I think "how gross"...but I guess kids think its special. Julie had baked beans and grilled sausage in her lunch and that sounds alot better to me than lunchables!

I had to laugh at Zeke telling someone a shark bit off his fingers! That's one little guy I hope to meet someday...he sounds hilarious!!!