Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hola, Baby!

Kai is currently obsessed with babies and the word "Hola!"  The babies part is pretty natural.  He often will say "Oooh look!  A baby!"  However, he took it to a new level the other day thanks to his older siblings who often say "hola" as they greet one another or D and I.  

D took Kai to Walmart with him where Kai spotted a baby in a shopping cart.  He shouted a cheery greeting of "Hola, baby!"  Cute little bug, right?  Made even better by the fact that the baby was Hispanic and his mom was nearby.  D said she just looked at him and said, "He speaks Spanish?"

I'm sure D's response of "Nope, just knows how to say 'hola, baby!'" was equally perplexing.

Upon hearing their dad tell that story, my big kids all made it their mission to teach Kai a bit more Spanish.  So now his favorite way of telling me hi or getting my attention involves the phrase, "Hola, Mamacita!"

Yep, we're bilingual.

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Kathy Cassel said...

Jasmine is in Spanish 1 this year and we are trying to use a few phrases around the house. Hopefully we'll get past hola baby. Maybe not :)