Thursday, March 5, 2015

Truth in Parenting

A few highlights (or low lights) from the week...

Kai has a new love of toothbrushes.  Unfortunately, this new love is mostly about everyone else's toothbrushes.  So far this week, I have caught him using Conleigh's, Zeke's, and Kenson's.

4-7 is like crazy time at our house.  Between the kids getting home from school, Kai getting fussy because he is hungry and tired, and me making supper, chaos abounds.  I was trying to quell some of this by setting forth the expectations for the kids and going over what I wanted them to be doing.  I called all the kids into the kitchen for a pow wow.  As I was explaining things to them, I asked the question, "What is Mom going to be doing at 5 o'clock?"  To which Zeke replied "Yelling!"  Perhaps, perhaps, but the correct answer was cooking supper.

Discovering the real reason your sons have no clean pants is because they have been unloading their clean laundry into the dirty clothes basket and creating a lovely rat's nest of clean and dirty clothes that it literally about 4 feet high in their closet.  Also finding out that one son (probably not the one most would guess) has worn the same socks for three days in a row.

And then having your daughter tell you that she can't brush her teeth because her toothbrush is hard.  Upon inspection, you find a crustified toothbrush that hasn't possibly been used anytime in the last week (s).

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