Friday, March 20, 2015

First Haitian Tap Tap To Race in Pinewood Derby

Extra!  Extra!  Our church's Awana club hosted a pinewood derby a few weeks ago so we spent that Saturday racing cars and eating chilli.  We definitely won no awards for speed but they had a great time.  The track set up was super high tech so you could actually watch each race play out on the big screen in the sanctuary, complete with sound effects, a timed finish, and instant replay of the finish.

Conleigh wanted to do a Haitian tap tap.  I am sure about 99% of the people at church had no idea what hers was because so few people actually know what a tap tap is.  Tap taps are Haitian taxis.  Usually it's a pick up truck or bus that has been reinvented to cram as many people on it as possible.  They are always brightly painted and sometimes sport portraits of people.  And they always have a unique name, often written out in English, things like S*xy Lady or Mesi Jesus.  

Conleigh thought Happy Jesus seemed like an appropriate name.

No surprise that Zeke wanted a shark.

And the ever consistent, pretty predictable Kenson wanted a police car.


Kathy C. said...

Cute choices

Kathy C. said...

PS I have a wooden tap tap pencil holder!