Monday, September 29, 2014

Revision Scheduled

We have scheduled the revision/realignment procedure for Zeke's finger for this week.  It's going to be a bit of a whirlwind, with all six of us heading to Minnesota for a few days but after weighing the options, it seemed like the best plan.  The actual procedure will be really short.  It should take only an hour or so to realign the bones.  The plan is to go in through the existing surgery site, pry the bones apart at the original site where they were joined, realign them, put in a pin or two and then cast the hand.  Zeke should be casted for 4-5 weeks.  Last time, when they took off his casts, they took an x ray and thought everything looked healed.  We were given no restrictions other than to monitor the new finger for injuries related to heat, cold, or cuts since his finger would have no nerves to detect those sensations.   At the time, I voiced some concerns about Zeke being an active kid and was a bit shocked that there wasn't a plan to protect this new digit a bit.  But the surgeon was pretty certain that wasn't an issue.  Anyway, this time around, they are going to be taking things a bit slower and putting him into some type of soft sided splint or cast once they take off the cast and remove the pins.

I try not to be a worrywart but my natural tendency is to fret and try to plan and make things perfect so trips like this are no exception.  Of course, we have a surgery coming up that will involve anesthesia.  We also have managed to host some cold germs that I'm hoping stay in check while we are gone.  I was sick all last week with it and spent three days on the couch barely moving.  No one else has seemed to have had it to that degree but I'd feel a lot better if I didn't have four slightly sick kids.  It's also a concern to me that Zeke's new finger has not really been functional yet.  It appears this is due to the bones not aligning but again, I'd just feel a lot better if things were working correctly.  As my friend, Vada, told me at church, "You just wish it were fixed right now!"

So that's the scoop on our week and what's next in the toe transfer world.