Monday, September 8, 2014

Correct Answer

Yesterday, I posted a little quiz regarding the recent events in our family.  It was a bit like an on online version of the party game, "Two Truths and a Lie."  So which event out of the following is the lie?  Kai cut his top two teeth, Zeke poked a rooster with a stick and has a large scratch, or a child superglued items to our basement floor?  If you picked a, Kai cutting his top two teeth, you are the winner.  While he has dealt with bulging swollen gums for the past week or so, they are still not through and don't appear to be any closer to bursting through.

As for the others, yes, Zeke poked a rooster with a stick and was attacked by a rightfully scared rooster.  A family friend was watching the boys while I was at work and I think it nearly scared her to death.  Her exact words were "I was so worried it was going to peck his eyes out."  I of course kind of figured that perhaps Zeke got what he deserved.  Zeke was a bit worried that his sitter was going to be mad at him because she was yelling but I think she was yelling mostly at the rooster.   Interestingly enough, the rooster incident was not the worst thing that happened to him that day.  He was most upset because he really wanted to catch grasshoppers and every time he did, they would poop on his hands.

We also experienced a bit of a glue bandit as someone used glue to affix random objects to the basement floor.  Yes, everything in the photo is glued down.  Yes, the other glue spots were from other objects that had already been removed.  Yes, it was completely random things like felt, an arm band, a ball, a fabric turnip, a cup, and a semi truck trailer.  No, I do not know which child did it and no, I do not know where they got the glue.  The child I most likely would have guessed was banned from the basement for messing with my sewing machine which also including gluing something on to my sewing machine.  And I'm pretty sure this happened after the banishment.  But I'm not 100% on that.  All children have now been banished as this is just one more thing in a long series of incidents connected to misusing the basement play space.

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