Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crazy Week Update

The end of this week was crazy around here.

On the agenda:

Parent-Teacher Conferences-Because of that, D was at school unil 8:45ish on Monday night and Thursday night.  That is a long day anyway.  Add in the next item on our list (Zeke's MRI) and it meant coordinating childcare and more for Thursday.

Zeke's MRA/MRI-Because we have decided to do surgery on Zeke's hand, he needed to have the blood vessels in his hand and foot mapped.  This is done through an MRI/MRA and takes about 90 minutes for the hand and 90 minutes for the foot.  It also requires full sedation.  So we trekked off to Children's Hospital in Omaha for the procedures.  Because of the level of contrast required, he needed to go on two separate days.  This mean spending pretty much all day Thursday and all day Friday in Omaha.  He did really well with both the sedation and the IV.  They had a bit of trouble starting his IV's but thankfully they waited until he was sedated so it wasn't so traumatic.  He was crabby once he woke up but not terrible.

Weekend Away-About 6 months ago, D planned for the two of us to use this weekend as a weekend get away.  (Parent teacher conferences do come with the bonus of no school on Friday.)  He asked my mom to come watch the kids, booked a hotel, and planned a few things for the weekend.  Of course, we weren't planning on the MRI being at the same time so it meant we needed to kind of shorten up our plans but we still managed to spend the night away, enjoy a movie (Monuments Men) , eat out a few times, and get a bit of shopping done.  Of course, the night we were gone, Kai slept from 12-8...little stinker!

Crazy week but it's in the books and we'll call it a success.

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