Monday, February 3, 2014

Conleigh is Seven!

7 years ago today, your Mama Bernadette welcomed you into her world.  (And 4 years ago today, we brought you home to ours.)  You are spunky and march to the beat of your own drum.  With a flair for the dramatic, you've got a thousand different faces and voices.  Silly words roll of your tongue often like "For heaven sakes of America!"  (Which we have no idea exactly what it means.)  You are a great reader, a lover of performance, a little mommy to your baby brother.  You just learned to tie your shoes.  You hate the thought of details.  Keeping a clean room or playing a sport with a lot of rules are not all that important to you right now.  But you did tell Papa that cross country might be your thing, especially if you get a popsicle when you finish the race.  

Happy birthday, my dear.  We've already celebrated a bit with ear piercing and Pizza Hut for supper.  One more birthday festivity this weekend with a party for a handful of girl friend will round out your birthday wishes.  

And happy welcome home.  What a crazy wild ride.  From being evacuated from Haiti on an Air Force C 17 to Mama and Papa heading to Florida on one way tickets, not knowing when you would be coming, to a scared little girl who cried for hours until her voice was hoarse and scratchy, to that same little girl slowly slowly slowly coming out of her shell.  Could it be that 4 years later, all those layers are peeled back and we have truly met the real Conleigh?
This C-17 is from another orphanage's evacuation but it's pretty much the same as what Conleigh rode to Florida on