Sunday, January 19, 2014

Funnies a la Zeke

*Perhaps we shouldn't laugh at this but it cracked both D and I up.  Last week, Zeke was playing "guess which hand" with Conleigh.  As in "I'll hide an object in my hand and you guess which hand it's in."  He was the hider not the guesser.  Needless to say, Conleigh guessed right every time.

*After having a bloody nose, I reminded him not to pick his nose since this could cause it to bleed again.  He told me he didn't do that but when I looked his finger, I could see it was a bit bloody so I asked him if that's how the bloody nose started, if he had been picking his nose.  Again, he told me no but then he quickly added, "I just had a booger."  Um, yep, buddy, that's called picking your nose.

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