Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary...

This is as weed free as my garden will probably look.  It's taken awhile to get things up and going due to the cold temperatures this spring and needing to get a spot prepared by putting in a fence and getting rid of the weeds.  I actually love the space we have now.  Right now I have about 12 tomato plants, 12 pepper plants, 3 hills of cucumbers, 2 hills of zucchini, 2 rows of beans, and 6 cabbages.  I have an old iron headboard that I'm going to put my beans.   I purchased some beans and planted others from seed and the purchased beans all died so I need to replant before I stake the headboard in.  The space really just about the right size for what I need.  The strawberries will go in a separate bed on the other side of the house as will the potatoes.  (You don't want to see the mess that is the other side; it's a slightly sloping fenced area where we originally though we could put the garden but decided it was too shady.  It is a muddy, clay mess most of the time and has become the catch all for stuff like an unused patio table and rolls of black edging materials.  It's just plain ugly over there.)  D made this cute little gate out of a screen door.

I also have a pie crust lattice glider that will go off to the right side.  I actually had an old glider that I was hoping to refinish but I found a new one online and decided it would probably cost me just as much to refinish my old one.  So I sold my old one and am just waiting to get it delivered to the person who bought it. I'm hoping to add some rhubarb on the left side and then a shrub of some kind behind the glider on the right.  The bed next to it has oak leaf hydrangeas, a Japanese maple, and hostas planted in it so some of that will kind of overhang into the glider area too.  Love that our house is looking like a house with a real yard!

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