Monday, February 4, 2013

Conleigh is Six!

Conleigh celebrated birthday number 6 yesterday.  We had candles at breakfast and a butterfly art print for her room since she has been missing the garden mural in her old room which had butterflies on it.  She wants to have a friend over which I haven't quite planned yet.  D brought her her own flowers on Saturday and on Sunday, she sat with friends at church and then told me afterwards that "I decided they would join us for lunch at Pizza Huck!"  (Which they did.  We had already decided before church we were having pizza so I guess it made sense to her that we ask some friends.  She also got a special dessert and song at Pizza Hut which I think thrilled and shocked her.)  In a few weeks, we are already having a mini vacation with my mom, grandma, and brother and will use that time to also celebrate with family.  We are planning to go bowling, stay in a hotel, and have blueberry pie instead of cake.  When I told her that was the plan, she immediately squealed, "So many fun things!  Who planned all that?"

Love her smile!

She was convinced that all that was in the sack was a cardboard tube.
A butterfly and some cheese!

So happy number 6 to a dramatic, silly, girlie girl!

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