Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Surprise for You Plus My Valentine's Day Post for my Valentine

For those of you who don't know me in real life, I recently surprised and confused all of my friends with this picture.

If you are lost and wondering why on earth someone would post a picture of a bun in an oven, know you are not alone.  Several of my friends said it took them a bit to catch on.

We are expecting a baby.  (Surprise!)

To answer a few of the questions:  we're due August 30 and I feel craptastic most of the time.  

So far this isn't sounding like a Valentine's Day post, is it?  Here's the lovey dovey part:

As I've said, these last few months have not been very easy for me.  I have felt pretty crummy most days.  (Nauseaous all day long pretty much every day, some days of puking and gagging, just a lot of days where I really haven't made it off the couch.)  I have watched a lot of tv.  More than I can ever remember.  It has just been not very fun.

Emotionally, feeling sick gets old very quickly.  No one likes waking up every morning and wondering how the day will go, if you will be able to eat, if you will get anything accomplished for the day.  And no one likes feeling like they are not pulling their weight, like the rest of the family is getting the shaft while you lie around.

But at the end of January, after three really rough days, I found myself recognizing how this time has given my husband a chance to shine.  Normally, I find it easy to make jokes about how if I were to die, no one in my house would have clean clothes, be able to eat off of clean dishes, or eat anything other than frozen pizza.  But somehow, despite D having soccer conditioning and usually not getting home until 5:30, he has managed to keep things around here moving.  No, he normally doesn't pack lunches or do laundry.  And yes, he had to ask me what buttons to push to start the dishwasher.  But while I have been down and out, he has been shining.   Lunch boxes sent to school not just with PB sandwiches and oranges but with little notes from Papa, saying I love you.  Grocery shopping with coupons.  Doing bedtime for 3 littles by himself with no complaining.  My weakness giving him a chance to step in and step out of his comfort zone and succeed in ways I would not have necessarily anticipated.  So for my dear husband who I treasure much, thank you for who you are.  And for my part, may I remember and not make jokes about how my death would mean my children would be using both the inside and outside of their underwear due to no clean clothes.

(Of course, this is late.  Going back to the sickness bit, I have not really felt like blogging so it's been a bit sparse around here.  Plus, I had computer issues with some nasty old virus/Trojan/something or other so my computer was being fixed on Valentine's Day.)


Ivy Mae said...

Wow,congratulations! That is so wonderful!

Kathy C. said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. It doesn't last forever--just feels that way at the time : )