Friday, February 22, 2013

Cheerleading, Pregnancy and Other Assorted Funnies Via Conleigh

Some funny words we've heard lately...

Conleigh, while carrying in my purse, told me how heavy it was but that it was okay, she would just "stick it up."  (Can you tell her dad is a soccer coach who has told our children that they need to suck it up?"

Upon telling the kids that I was going to have a baby, Conleigh grabbed her forehead and started shaking her head, saying repeatedly, "I just don't believe this."

There is so much to learn about pregnancy and how babies live before being born.  So much.  Last night Conleigh is talking about the baby and wants to know if there is a cord that connects the baby to me so it can get food.  When I told her yes, she quickly told me to say "ahh" so she could see it.

And last, Conleigh attended a cheerleading day camp a week or so ago.  Somewhere along the road she has learned some "interesting" cheers including "Rock.  The Mullet.  Rock, rock, the mullet!" and "Gigolo!  Gigolo!  Show us how you gigolo!  Put your hands up high, put your hands down low, that's the way we gigolo!"  (I did try to convince her it was "wigg a lo" but she would not believe me.)


Miss Alissa said...

Hehe! Oh, the things that girlie says :) We too recently had a cheerleading camp for the little girls. I got pulled into a "game" of the gigilo song one day...oh my.

Meg said...

This cheer is about a "gigolo" which is another name for a male prostitute. My mother would not let me participate whenever the cheerleaders performed this cheer when I was a little girl and I didn't understand why until I was older.

kayder1996 said...

No idea of the origin of said cheer. I only know that the only way I have ever heard it is "wiggle low." (Both at my high school during the early 90's and now at a different high school.) If that was the original intent of the cheer, I think the original intent has long faded away and no one around here is aware of it. Obviously, because of the connotation, that was why I found her whole gigolo bit kind of off.