Thursday, October 11, 2012


If you are familiar with two year olds, you know that they firmly believe that what's theirs is theirs, what's yours is theirs, and anything you have yet to see is also theirs.  For a two year old who has lost pretty much everything he has every known, the concept of mine becomes a bit of a battle cry. Who knows what might happen to those few precious pieces of your previous life?

 "Do not take my jacket off!  It is mine!" 

"Do not take my shoes off!  They are mine!" 

"Those few toys I brought from where I was living?  Mine!" 

"And no I do not want to wear or play with anything you have because it is not mine!" 

So yes, Zeke is sleeping in his shoes.  And yes, Zeke has been wearing his coat like a shirt day in and day out.  (Although somehow in these photos it is not on.)  And yes, he has some beloved toys that he refuses to let out of his sight. 


God's Grace said...

I'm so glad you posted a comment on my FB! It reminded me to check out how you're doing! Zeke is wonderful Kayla, just wonderful!

Tammy said...

I so appreciate you being real about how hard this is for Zeke. I see all of these pictures with parents who are besides themselves with joy while the child looks absolutely miserable. My heart breaks for Zeke in these last pictures. Those of who have been through the grieving process know that look all too well, in pictures of other children but also in the faces of our own children. I so appreciate you being real and not minimizing it. Zeke's little heart will heal, largely because he has two parents who don't try to pretend everything is wonderful while also enjoying every second of the good.

Debbie said...

I've been reading your blog through your post on the BAAS FB group. I know it's hard, my little girl wouldn't let me hold her, only my husband. Hang in there. Just work towards getting home. Little Zeke has been on my mind a lot, I pray he starts letting you in s little soon.

Becky said...

How respectful and loving it is, though, that you not only recognize this, but to not push him to let go of those things that he *needs* right now to feel safe.

stephanie garcia said...

Zeke is so precious and I am praying for your family through this adjustment!