Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Call Me a 2 Year Old Boy

Today and yesterday were full of progress.  Yesterday was even tear free, not one melt down or moment of being upset.  Zeke is coming out of his shell and is more talkative, more smiley, and has less hard edges when being held; he's actually starting to act like he enjoys our touch rather than simply tolerating it.  Our hotel room is starting to feel a bit cramped as he is starting to act like a normal two year old, to have a short attention span and to be into everything.  This morning after breakfast, I gave him a pen and paper to write with and found him with ink all over his arm, sitting in an empty box.  Looks like a 2 year old to me! 

Showing me his arm

And he's starting to sound like one too as he has been babbling and chattering constantly.

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